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MONARCH is passionate about joining our love for nature and appreciation for all things with music, dance, and theatre. Every MONARCH production is written, choreographed, and designed by members of the MONARCH family to share a truly unique Celtic Renaissance experience with our audience.

As artists, we take you through the story of an ancient tale interwoven with modern stories to present a timeless tale of unconditional love. Every production is told in Renaissance fashion, featuring Celtic and Opera Music, Irish and Contemporary Dance, and an entertaining mixture of whimsical drama. Our productions are a kaleidoscope of world music, dance, and storytelling that everyone is sure to love!

Love, Power & Freedom!

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Monarch is the name for a colorful butterfly. Our name comes from finding importance in renewal and freedom. The age of the Renaissance was beautiful, a time when organized religion took a back seat to the arts and fueled people’s souls as well as their brains and hearts. We want to share our productions with you to add light to this world and hope to see you in the audience during our next performance.

MONARCH performing arts is sure to be a transformatory experience for all who join. Our cast and crew work hard to provide a theatre experience unlike any other, and we cannot do so without your support. It would be our honor to share in the beauty of art, dance, and music with you and your loved ones. Come! Unite with us to celebrate a passion for creativity, nature, freedom, and life! Join our audience during our next performance and please consider donating as well. We would love to continue performing and creating for audiences for years to come. Support MONARCH today!

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