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Monarch Productions is honored by your interest in contributing to our beloved production. By the Grace of God, we have accomplished much in the last 18 years in the development of this unique presentation of the Gospel. After a 5-year sabbatical, we are moving forward with full force in that same timeless Grace!

"MONARCH 1.0" began back in 2001 as a church production and then branched out as a community theater project. We recruited volunteers to fill every position - from frontstage to backstage. Our local church family was always key to our existence and growth. Kim and I managed all aspects of the show, so we bring much experience of innumerous troubleshooting ideas. We have endured the excruciating process of changing the music and production to fit in with man and changing it back to God's instructions. In November 2013, we ran our last production at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Despite being volunteer-based and created on a dime, it was close to perfect! Kim and I agreed we would no longer operate without appropriate funds. We temporarily closed down the production but kept the nonprofit alive... as well as the dream.

Since then, our new team has spent much time rethinking our approach. Besides refining the script and program for a broader audience - without compromising our message of Grace - we have developed additional verticals. These include the creation of my family storybook and publishing my original music and videos - both which of course spun out of the script. My husband and CEO of MMI, Derrick Rodriguez, is conveniently a former attorney. He has been concentrating on making us structurally sound and officiating our Board of Directors. Working closely with our partners, our VP, Kimberly Kerr, is planning local fundraising events to gain sponsorships. Over the Summer, we have acquired Hayley Platt, a seasoned Disney performer and champion Irish Dancer, who will choreograph and direct our dance! The pieces are coming together, and we feel that Monarch Ministries is well on its way to presenting a production on the same level as the famous secular productions.

To be able to achieve this most-excellent quality and operate as a professional traveling show , a considerable amount of startup costs is required. Our first mission this Fall (2019) is to record the full production - with the best costuming, staging, cast we can currently afford! This video can be shown at online watch parties and private fundraisers to show potential donors/investors in just what they would be seeding/investing. It would also help us analyze the entire program for further clarity and polishing, and provide training for incoming cast when we officially launch ticketed productions in Central Florida in 2020. We have filled every song/drama/dance role in just a matter of a couple of weeks, which is so motivational, feeling their excitement for the project! Our Kickoff Party & Table Read is scheduled for the end of September. We are planning this groundbreaking video shoot for November at a local theater here in our cozy little town, Sanford, Florida!

In the 90's, the theatrical productions, Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, became household names. This acclaim is still prominent today. We are putting this popular dance and culture to work for the Kingdom of Love! Interwoven with clever English humor, fierce and romantic drama, eclectic Celtic-American music, fascinating atmosphere, and of course... Irish dance, MONARCH is truly entertaining for the entire family. Regardless of religion or experience, everyone walks away feeling good. Feeling inspired. Feeling loved... with newfound appreciation of King and Kingdom, and ironically, freedom resonating in their hearts. This is your opportunity to change the world with us, one audience at a time.

Yours for the Kingdom,
Amy Rodriguez
President & Chief Creative Officer

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Monarch Ministries, Inc, of Orlando is a Florida nonprofit, tax exempt organization (501c3, Parent Group Status 3769).